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	 "Y8bbdP"						      Open source research powered in part by SecurityTrails.
	    			                			      Sponsored by Seeds Now & Private Internet Access.

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  Hello. We are an unaffiliated research lab located on a spicy pepper farm along the Deep Fork of the North Canadian River in Oklahoma.
  Our primary mission is to help make the internet safer for everyone around the world. We believe that all technology contains flaws
  and that the public plays a crucial role in identifying these flaws. 100% of our funding comes from bug bounties, research grants,
  private donations and the generosity of strangers. Our research into open source software alone has helped better secure the likes of
  vim, OpenSSL, Firefox, PHP, Perl, libxml2, libpng, PuTTY, tcpdump, libcurl, and more, resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, of 
  security advisories since 2016.

  ### Recent Advisories: CVE-2021-4070, CVE-2021-3872, CVE-2021-3778, CVE-2021-3770, WDC-21006, CVE-2021-23975, CVE-2020-26972 ###
     Our secondary mission is researching ways to grow clean, healthy, and delicious food for our friends, family, and neighbors. We also have a seed and plant sale every spring. We hope to eventually have a greenhouse so that we can start growing more food through the winter. Summer is almost over but we're still growing the following varieties of peppers: # Buena Mulata, Jigsaw, Big Thai Hybrid, Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Magnum Orange Habanero, Thai (Bird's Eye), Aji Charapita # Jalapeno, Puma Our current non-pepper herbs and vegetables growing are: # Garlic, White Creole Onion, Black Cherry Tomato, Red Robin Tomato, Yellow Pear Tomato, Roma Tomato, Spinach, Blueberry, # Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, Purple Asparagus, Jelly Bean Blueberry, Brocolli, Sugar Peas, Milkweed, Sunflower # Red Raspberry, Strawberry, Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint      That's great and all, but who are you really? # Brian Carpenter is our principal security researcher. He has worked in some form of law enforcement capacity for most of his # adult life. He spent a decade hunting fugitives from the law across Oklahoma and north Texas. He was injured on the job in # 2010 which led to an early retirement. He worked at OpenDNS and was part of the OPS team that helped launch their Umbrella # product. He left shortly before they were acquired by Cisco. He now grows spicy peppers and fuzzes 1s & 0s whilst spending # time with friends, family, his wife April, a mutt nammed Sammy, and a cat named Kitty on their small farm. Media Appearances: # Top 10 Most Critical CVEs Added in 2020 -- Detectify (30 Dec 2020) # BASED with @Nixops -- YouTube (1 Oct 2020) # Firefox 81 Rolls Out With High-Severity Bug Fixes -- Latest Hacking News, 24 Sep 2020 # Firefox 81 Release Kills High-Severity Code-Execution Bugs -- Threatpost, 22 Sep 2020 If you're interested in acquiring our knowledge (we are by no means experts in any field), these are some of the services we offer: # Malware Analysis # Product Claims Testing # Software Quality Assurance (C, C++, Go, Perl, Python, Ruby, Rust) # Vulnerability Assessment Open source software we employ: # afl++ # amass # axiom # dnsx # eyeballer # ezxss # fedora # firefox # gotweetdelete # gowitness # httpx # inception # interactsh # labelai # nginx # nightmare.js # nuclei # progpilot # subfinder # zombie.js You can track our mission status via these platforms: # Bugcrowd # Detectify Crowdsource # Hacker0x01 # huntr.dev # Intigriti # Open Bug Bounty If you need to contact us for any reason whatsoever: # General inquiries or to hire us: info@geeknik-labs.com # Security Research Team: security@geeknik-labs.com # Follow us on Twitter! Would you like to support our mission financially? # Purchase something on OpenSea! # Roundup your purchases into Digital Assets with RoundlyX # Get $10 off your order at sticker mule. Their mule sauce is super yummy! # We accept PayPal and Cash App # Alternatively you can send through Venmo # You can purchase a Private Internet Access VPN account # Rent a VPS from Digital Ocean and get $100 in credit over 60 days # Use our link when you shop on Amazon Alternatively, we're big fans of Ethereum: # ETH: 0x05C731E79AC5b04baD3bC273632a5aE19AcF5A9B Deep Fork Peppers FAQ: # Our peppers are grown using a diet of unchlorinated aquarium waste water and FoxFarm Ocean Forest potting soil only. We # don't add anything else as we are looking for as natural and organic as we can get whilst still growing indoors. If the # plants require additional nutrients, we use a `worm tea` harvested from our vermi-composting red wrigglers. \m/ Our worms # receive zero animal waste in their diet, it's mostly organic fruits & vegetables mixed with egg shells and coffee grounds. # Our indoor grow lights are a mixture of Hydrofarm Agrobrite T5 fluorescents, Bloom Plus BP-1000 LED, and these generic # but decently okay Chinesium LED lights. Stay informed and patch your box: # Updates from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency # Full Disclosure mailing list # Open Source Software Security mailing list Please note we are not endorsed by the above entities. Those resources are shared as a courtesy so you may stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities. Thank you.
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